Summer University 2016

The 2016 Summer University at the University of Fribourg has just started!

Federalism and decentralisation are ever-increasing in popularity not just as a tool for power-sharing but also as a means for ensuring good governance, fostering democracy and contributing to development. These concepts are important in both stable as well as conflict-ridden societies and can play a role in post-conflict situations.

Currently being offered for the 27th time the three-week Summer University of the Institute of Federalism enables students to enhance their knowledge about federalism, decentralization and other forms of power sharing, especially the chances it offers, the limits it faces, challenges in implementation and the preconditions for the resolution of conflicts.

The programme is aimed at advanced students (holding a bachelor’s degree) in law, political science, economics, history, journalism or related social sciences and young professionals, academics and researchers keen to improve their knowledge. Around 40-45 students from across the globe are selected to participate through a competitive application process at each Summer University.

The teaching will be through lectures, case studies, self study and group work.


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