Retrospective 27th Summer University (22 August- 9 September 2016)

The Institute of Federalism would like to thank all the participants and lecturers of the 27th Edition of the Summer University on Federalism, Decentralisation and Conflict Resolution, which took place in Fribourg from the 22th of August to the 9th of September 2016.

On this edition, 37 participants from all around the world followed the rich program of the Summer University. During the first week, the aim was to give participants theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches to federalism, decentralisation and conflict resolution highlighted by various case studies such as federalism in Switzerland and Belgium or the Swiss practice in conflict resolution. On the second week, the topic was Power Sharing and Conflict resolution with cases coming from Italy, Yemen, South Africa, Ethiopia and former Yugoslavia. During the final week, participants looked at how to deal with diversity in different aspects from a fiscal, linguistic or religious point of view. After the successful completion of the Summer University, participants were awarded a Diploma by the Institute of Federalism and the University of Fribourg.

Furthermore, various activities were organized during the three weeks. It included a city tour of Fribourg, a visit of the federal parliament in Bern and an excursion in Gruyères and Broc.

Here a peak:

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