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Prof. Dr. Eva Maria Belser

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CV (Curriculum Vitae) and Publications

Prof. Eva Maria Belser holds a Chair for Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Fribourg and a UNESCO Chair in Human Rights and Democracy. Since 2008, she is Co-Director of the Swiss Institute of Federalism (www.federalism.ch) and heads the international unit. Since 2014 she is Vice-Dean of the Fribourg Faculty of Law, (www.unifr.ch/ius). She is a member of the Board of the Swiss Centre of Expertise in Human Rights (www.skmr.ch), the Interdisciplinary Institute for Ethics and Human Rights (www.unifr.ch/iiedh/fr), the Institute for Law and Religion (www.unifr.ch/ius/religionsrecht_en/home) and the Swiss Centre for Islam and Society (www.unifr.ch/szig/fr). Her publications and main research interests include Swiss and comparative constitutional law, federalism, decentralisation, globalisation and multi-level governance, democracy, human and minority rights as well as transition processes. She has been involved in numerous international projects and regularly cooperates with partners in Canada, China, Ethiopia, Germany, Italy, Palestine, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Syria, etc.

Dr. Rekha Oleschak


Dr. Oleschak is senior research fellow at the Institute of Federalism, Switzerland. She holds a doctorate in law from the University of St.Gallen (2009) and an LL.M. in International Law from the University of Aberdeen (2001). She completed her LL.B. degree (1999) at the University of Kerala, India and is admitted to the Bar in India. She was a Visiting Study Fellow at the Refugee Studies Centre in Oxford in 2006. Her areas of interest are constitutional law, human rights, development policy, migration and international economic law.

Fabrizio Emanuele Crameri, MLaw


Fabrizio E. Crameri is a research assistant of Prof. Belser. He holds a Bachelor of Law (2014) and a Master of Law (2016) from the University of Fribourg. He’s currently working on his doctorate at the University of Fribourg with Human Rights, Comparative Constitutional Law and Conflict-Resolution as his areas of interest. Despite his young age he already holds discrete working experience in the fields of Corporate Law, International Business Law, U.S. Immigration Law as well as Negotiation in doing business with and in emerging countries, which he accumulated during his involvement in several projects in New Hampshire, Texas, New York and San Pedro Sula (Honduras). He was recently elected district judge for the region of Bernina (GR) as an independent and is part of the doctoral team of the editorial commission of the Fribourg Law Review (Quid?). Click here for complete CV.

Liliane Denise Minder, Attorney at Law


Liliane Minder is a research assistant of Prof. Belser. She holds a Bachelor of Law and a Master of Law (2011) from the University of Berne. She was admitted to the Swiss Bar (Higher Cantonal Court of  Berne, 2014) and continued her studies at the University of Applied Sciences of Berne with the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Leadership. She’s currently working on her thesis at the University of Fribourg covering the fields of Constitutional Law, Civil Rights and Comparative Constitutional Law. Her research focuses in particular on coercive measures and involuntary commitments in Switzerland until 1981. Liliane Minder has working experience in the fields of Public, Private and Criminal Law and worked recently as deputy secretary of the parliament of the city of Berne. Click here for complete CV.

Yvonne Heiter