Announcement- PhD programme at the University of Trento in International Studies

The Call for Admissions to our PhD Programme in International Studies is now open (until 24 May 2018). This year, we offer 6 scholarships for MA students or recent graduates in economics, law, history, sociology, political science, international relations or related field.
We kindly ask you to forward this information to interested students.


The interdisciplinary 3-year 
PhD programme in International Studies at the University of Trento, Italy focuses on the study of complex international phenomena, which often prove comprehensible only when analysed with the support of various, interconnected disciplines. The programme increases opportunities for employment as advanced researchers in university and international research centers, governmental or non-governmental organizations at European and international levels, as well as private companies operating globally.

The Call Admissions for year 2018-18 is now open. The main requirements are:
  • a high level of English language competency (at least C1);
  • an outstanding CV;
  • a proposal to do original research in the field of international studies.
Interested applicants are recommended to consult the research profiles of the Faculty and present a proposal in line with the research activities of the School of International Studies, or on the specific topic carrying a scholarship.
Research activities and projects at the SIS revolve around three main topics:
  • the social, political, legal and economic implications of a globally interconnected world;
  • international relations and security, and their interaction with technology and innovation;
  • the tensions between integration and disintegration in Europe.
The scholarship from EURAC (European Academy of Bolzano) is tied to:
For more information please visit here.

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